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What’s going on this month at Mapleridge?

December 2018 - Merry Christmas!

December is always a fun month at the preschool. It’s a wonderful treat to share in the excitement of Winter and Christmas with three and four yer olds!

This month, we explored a unit on the season of Winter. We talked about the ways in which animals and other elements of nature experience Winter and tell us that the season is here. For example, we talked about hibernation, birds (particularly geese) flying South as well as rabbits’ coats changing from brown to white. We also talked about snow and explored its’ properties a bit more in our water table.

The children learned a number of Winter and Christmas themed felt board rhymes this month, all of which targeted early math concepts such as simple addition and subtraction as well as counting forwards and backwards. We also enjoyed tabletop activities that reinforced these concepts and encouraged other early math skills such as creating patterns and more versus less. We will continue this into the new year, particularly at circle time as the calendar is a great resource for building early math skills (counting, creating patterns, more versus less, etc.)

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Deborah Teppler