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What’s going on this month at Mapleridge?

November 2018 - Community Helpers

November was another busy and exciting month in our classroom! We explored one of my favourite units: community helpers. This is a rich unit to work through with preschool children as it allows us to explore many topics, including health and safety, in an age appropriate way. We talked about the many important people in our community with jobs that help us and keep us safe: firefighters, police officers, doctors, paramedics and nurses, dentists, librarians, mail carriers (especially at Christmas! :)), etc. The play centres in our classroom supported our learning. For example, our house centre transformed into a fire station, the Duplo table featured police station and fire station sets, I created community helper themed mats for the play dough table and hour rice table featured yellow and red shredded paper and fire fighter figurines. I also visited the library several times to keep a stead stream of related books available to the children and for use at circle time. I think the children enjoyed this unit very much and the visits from real-life community helpers (police officer, fire fighter and a librarian) enriched our learning!

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Deborah Teppler