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What’s going on this month at Mapleridge?

March 2019 - Space

During the month of March, our classes explored a unit on Outer Space. In particular, we focused our learning on our planet and its’ unique characteristics: for example, Earth is made up of areas of land and water, it is the only planet that supports life (people, animals, and plants), it orbits the sun, our moon orbits Earth, etc. The children did an excellent job of learning about broad and complex topics such as gravity and the size and distance of the stars and various planets in relation to us. We talked a lot about what it might be like to travel, work and live in Outer Space and enjoyed a number of books related to being an astronaut. It was the 4 year old morning class’s turn to enjoy a Mad Science workshop this month all about Outer Space. The workshop was very informative and extended the learning happening in our classroom. The 4 year old morning class also enjoyed a trip to Telus Spark including a Dome Show on the topic of the planets and constellations. Next month, the 3 year old morning class as well as the afternoon class will visit Bow Habitat Station as part of our unit on the Animals of Alberta and the season of Spring.

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Deborah Teppler