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What’s going on this month at Mapleridge?

April 2019 - Spring

Spring has arrived and with it, many great learning opportunities in our classroom. We spent the month of April exploring a unit on the ‘Animals of Alberta’ and the season of Spring. The animals that live around us have many ways of letting us know that Spring has arrived; the fur of the rabbits in our neighbourhoods has changed from winter white to brown, the bears are waking up from hibernation in search of food, the geese are flying back from spending the winter south, etc. As always, our craft/art projects, classroom activities and circle time activities supported our learning. The three year old am class and the afternoon class enjoyed a field trip to Bow Habitat station where they learned about a number of different animals that live in Alberta (the four year old am class will visit Butterfield Acres in May). This month, we also celebrated Easter and even enjoyed searching for treats in the classroom that the Easter bunny hid for us!

One of the most important opportunities for growth and learning offered in our classroom is in the area of social/emotional development. As children play and interact with on another…

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Deborah Teppler