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What’s going on this month at Mapleridge?

January 2019

January has been a fun month in our classroom as we travelled back in time and explored the world of dinosaurs! This unit offered the opportunity to build our vocabulary as we learned terms such as carnivore, herbivore, extinct, fossil, paleontologist as well as the names of many dinosaur species. We learned a great deal about a number of different types of dinosaurs. We studied what they ate, how they moved, physical attributes and what those might have been used for (horns, claws, spikes, long necks, etc.) as well as what the earth may have looked like when the dinosaurs were alive. Without any doubt, our classroom is now full of dinosaur exports! The 4 year old am class enjoyed a workshop from Mad Science about dinosaurs during which we examined real fossils, used paleontologists’ tools to uncover dinosaur bones in little sandboxes as well as painted a plaster T-Rex tooth with diluted coffee to make it look very old. The 3 year old class and the pm class will enjoy a visit from Mad Science during our unit on Our bodies/Our senses in February called “Bubbling Potions” - one of my favourites!

Early literacy skills are an important focus in our classroom and this month was no exception…

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Deborah Teppler