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What’s going on this month at Mapleridge?

October 2018 - Shapes & Colours

October was a busy month; full of play and learning in the Mapleridge preschool classroom!

We began the month by focusing our learning on the holiday of Thanksgiving - this included circle time discussions and books that emphasized family traditions, harvest and what it means to fee ‘thankful’. We then turned our attention to reviewing shapes and colours. The children did an absolutely phenomenal job of labeling a wide range of shapes and enjoyed comparing shapes based on the number of sides or points a shape has, whether it has straight or curved lines, etc. Our class is full of shape experts! Many of our crafts this month served to reinforce our learning. The children also enjoyed reviewing and labeling colours and particularly enjoyed learning about mixing primary colours to make secondary colours and putting this knowledge into action through crafts and painting at the easel in our classroom, We will continue our exploration of colours during the month of November with a couple fun science experiments!

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Deborah Teppler